Have Self-awareness

The first thing you need to do to begin to loosen your screws in life is to become self-aware that you are being screwed! Become aware of the intensity with which each problem you are being slapped with hard across your face.

Keep State At All Times

I meant it when I said respond instead of react. We are normally inclined towards reacting whenever Life starts screwing us but it is very important to be firstly, self-aware, and then be conscious of the way in which we encounter the problem.

Practise Patience

And whilst you are mastering the art of keeping your state of mind, be patient with yourself and with the temperamental Life.

Have Gratitude

Having gratitude is something that I practised religiously and consistently when I was being screwed by Life. Even though everything in my life seemed to fall apart, I began feeling grateful for those that did not.

Build Resilience

As you are doing all of what I have shared with you so far, remember, the screws aren’t going to loosen up easily. You need to keep working on it without giving up. You need to bounce back with all your energy into overcoming your challenges.

Reframe With Humor

Sometimes humor is the biggest silver lining you can find in all the problems you are facing in life. And it is a great tool that will help you reframe your challenges into a more resourceful experience from which you can learn from and find hope.

Seek Professional Coaching

If all of what I have told you is still not sufficient enough for you to figure out how to loosen your screws, then don’t worry. You can always reach out to someone who has a good deal of expertise at loosening screws when Life screws them tight.



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